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Here is the Minecraft Forum link:

Here is a video of the beta:

Also, if you guys still want to have contact with me, here is my new YouTube channel:


- Backspace_Key

Server is now dead.

Backspace_Key a posted Jun 24, 12
Attention players.  The owner of the server decided to destroy the most popular things on the server without thinking about you guys.  I know it suck for you, but don't let it stop you!  I suggest leaving the server and going to another server!  Get away from them, they are all corrupt and don't know how to run a server that well.  If you have any questions, just ask me by sending me a personal message.  Also, long live the TF4!


Server is fixed!

Backspace_Key a posted Jun 22, 12
The grief has been fixed and we are back to normal!  Come and play!  We also have a brand new spawn that was from Mastercrafters!  So what are you waiting for?  Come join now!

Also don't worry, the corrupt staff is banned and will never be back on!

YouTube Forum Section

Backspace_Key a posted Jun 17, 12
If you have a YouTube channel and you want more views, post in the forums under the YouTube section. We love to see your videos that you put out and feel you should get more views.  Please continue to play on the server and we are sorry for being inactive on our website.  Thank you guys for being so awesome!

We are live!

Backspace_Key a posted May 27, 12
Sorry for being down most of today and last night, but at the moment that I am typing this, the server is online and working properly!

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